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Whether you’re starting or expanding your healthcare business, team up with a solutions partner that makes your process, their process.

At Infinit-O, we do just that. From telemedicine to CDI solutions, and everything in the RCM spectrum, we become an extension of your company and give you the results you need: quick turnaround time, minimal to no errors, and quality patient care. We help take care of your business, while you take care of your patients.

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Teams We Can Build That Perform

Improve speed, quality and ROI by building a team of dedicated RCM and Billing specialists that execute and optimize the operations of your practice, using your preferred EHR/EMR. Let’s work together on your profitability while you focus on your patients. Services include:

  • Payment Posting
  • Denial Management
  • A/R Follow Up
  • Patient Collections
  • Reporting/ Analysis
  • Patient Support Services
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Eligibility & Authorization
  • Transcription
  • Coding
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
  • Claims Submission


Build a team to acquire, interpret, and manage your patients’ data in your electronic health systems (EHRs) and other forms of healthcare analytics systems. Our tech-agnostic philosophy will enable your team of healthcare specialists to sift through the data and make it easier to retrieve and clarify important information.

  • Clinical Abstractors
  • Medical Review Specialists
  • Implementation Specialists


Build a telemedicine team with us, because we care about your patients as much as you do. Our team can provide back end support and expand your non-healthcare services such as data management and patient scheduling through assessing, evaluating, redirecting and reporting your patients’ conditions to your core healthcare teams.

Build your data analytics team to capture, analyze and evaluate the healthcare data you require to make better decisions or further your business goals.


Our outsourcing library has a wide array of resources with the latest news and trends in Healthcare.

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