DATE POSTED: 04/03/2013

Manila, Philippines (October 2012) — Infinit Outsourcing, Inc.’s (Infinit-O) key executives attended Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2012 conference held last September 18-21, 2012. Dreamforce 2012 is dubbed as a major event in the cloud computing industry.

VP for Strategic Solutions Patrick Keegan and VP for Client Solutions, Research & Social Media Almario Pangan were delegates to one of the most anticipated conferences in the industry. In Dreamforce 2012, it is expected that Salesforce product leaders and clients will participate in the conference. It is also likely that decision makers who are interested in learning about how Salesforce products can improve sales will also be present in the said event.

When asked about his experience during the event, Keegan said, “The event was full of energy, well organized and highly informative. There are many companies in our target market who are focused on innovation and growth that could benefit significantly from our services.”

Pangan thought that Salesforce’s 10th annual event surpassed all expectations. “It was not only informative and enjoyable, but it provided a glimpse into the future of how we do things in business and in our day to day life. It was a great privilege to witness it firsthand.”

According to Pangan, he considers this year’s Dreamforce to be a big contributor to how we define what is next for Infinit-O. Dreamforce 2012 was a great venue to meet people across different industries, learn about what Infinit-O’s clients currently need and will be needing, and identify opportunities on how we can provide groundbreaking solutions to new and old problems alike, he added. After attending the event, Pangan feels that Infinit-O will be in a better position learning from the insights of the featured keynote speakers from respected business and social drivers.

Both Pat Keegan and Almario Pangan said that they will definitely attend the next Dreamforce event.

Author: Infinit-O Global, Ltd.