About Us

Infinit-O Group Foundation is the non-profit, corporate social responsibility arm of its mother company.

Our mission is to empower underprivileged and marginalized communities through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education initiatives.

We do this through:

1. Creating unique educational experiences that incorporate the principles of STEAM.
2. Provide or improve educational and institutional STEAM resources.
3. Provide employment opportunities.


Find out more by emailing us at foundation@infinit-o.com.

Board of Directors
Richard Eldridge
Manolo E. Aquino
Nigel O. Villanueva
Edna P. Franco
Erika Aurora A. Aquino

Team Members
Erika Aurora A. Aquino
Executive Director

Abigail P. Del Puerto
Head of Programs

Maria Renee Masaganda
Head of Operations

Volunteer opportunities abound for those who believe in our mission to empower through STEAM education. These include:

• Teaching and mentoring children.
• Logistical planning.
• Module creation.
• Content creation and planning.
• Social media management.
• And many more.

Interested? Find out more by emailing us at foundation@infinit-o.com.


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