Why Infinit-O?

Customized, flexible approaches to expand or optimize your business. Start with a small or large dedicated team of highly-trained tech-agnostic specialists, with the ability to scale as you grow. Maintain control with the confidence that we follow global security standards.

That’s what Infinit-O offers, and more. As your business grows to greater heights, we provide the metrics demonstrating operational excellence at huge financial savings that lead to a significant ROI!

Explore infinite opportunities for business growth and efficiencies with Infinit-O.

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From Patient Support Services, Telemedicine, Health Informatics, Medical Billing, CDI and the entire RCM spectrum, set up your dedicated healthcare support team, all operating under our HIPAA-compliant umbrella.

Finance & Accounting

Build dedicated Finance & Accounting teams that perform everything from basic bookkeeping, complex accounting, mortgage processing, financial analysis to trade reconciliation for financial services organizations.

Research, Data & Back Office Support

Get the right R&D practice support for your business in research, data, and back office needs with teams comprised of analysts, researchers, data scientists, and multimedia specialists, among others.

Customer Experience

We take care of your customers as you focus on your core business. Our professional teams use your support platforms for inbound, outbound, and omnichannel customer care, lead generation, and sales enablement.

How it Works

Working with Infinit-O is as simple as it gets. We have 5 quick steps to get you on board.


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