Healthcare Ebooks Cover

The Challenges in Managing Healthcare Business Vulnerability

Industry: Healthcare

Teams Built: RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) Specialists and Non-clinical Telemedicine Experts

Identifying the vulnerabilities of the healthcare industry during a crisis is your advantage in effectively overcoming challenges.

Digital Shift Ebook Cover

Digital Shift: The Challenges of Cybersecurity and Cloud Management

Industry: Technology

Teams Built: Systems/Cloud Administrator. Threat Intelligence Analyst. AWS and Azure DevOps Engineer and more.

Almost all transactions and interactions in various industries shifted from in-person to online. But, since no one perceived the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital shift was not something businesses had prepared for.

Ecommerce Ebook Cover

The Rise of Ecommerce and the Challenges of Online Trade

Industry: Ecommerce

Teams Built: Customer Care Representatives (Omni-channel), Social Media Managers. Website and App Developers, Graphic Designers and more.

As non-essential businesses are ordered to temporarily close, physical stores have transitioned to online stores which results in a 146% YoY growth in online trade. While we favor growth, the demand for ecommerce conceived certain challenges.

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