Why Outsource to the Philippines?

Hailed as the “Top Outsourcing Destination of the Year” for three years running, proves that outsourcing in the Philippines is ideal and reliable. The country ranks first in English proficiency ahead of other countries, as well as surpassing India as the top call center outsourcing destination in terms of revenues.

An ideal mix of skilled and abundant manpower, a westernized culture, proficient English skills, and unmatched hospitality, makes the Philippines an ideal location for an outsourcing partner.

Philippine Facts:

  • Global leader in voice BPO (over 350,000 employees)

  • Number two destination for non-voice complex business services

  • Number two destination for non-voice IT-BPO services

  • Low infrastructure and labor costs

  • Young and fresh talent pool – one of the youngest, growing work forces in the world

  • Large pool of new college graduates each year

  • Large, well developed business districts with state-of-the art infrastructure

  • Stable, democratic government with legal structure patterned like the United States

  • Customer-centric, warm and hospitable culture (ideal for partnering and customer service support)

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