Healthcare Services

Medical providers face a number of challenges to their financial health. Some are obligated to take patients who cannot pay or can only pay through government sponsored plans such as Medicare or Medicaid, whose rates are set by the government at levels below cost. Each insurance carrier has its own set of processes to contend [...]

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Sales and Marketing Services

Sales and Marketing are fundamental parts of a company in driving their companies to success. A strong and steady sales and marketing services team is needed to attract more customers for your business and at the same time, increase your company’s return on investment (ROI). You are guaranteed that a significant reduction on your overhead [...]

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Data and Research Services

We help our clients transform data into information, and information into insights. Infinit-O’s data outsourcing services provide customized research reports, individually tailored to meet your business needs. We can help you better understand your customer requirements and preferences. We can assess how you are performing in social media. We can help you better understand your [...]

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Finance and Accounting Services

The finance and accounting community is under constant pressure to reduce costs at a time when regulatory compliance and other demands are increasing. Our comprehensive, customized solutions allow our clients to deal effectively with these challenges. Our highly qualified finance and accounting outsourcing analysts and CPA’s provide professional support while helping the client reduce labor [...]

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Contact Center Services

A leading provider of contact center outsourcing services, we understand that a reliable team of customer service outsourcing agents is what a client needs in order for them to establish a strong bond with their customers. Every contact an agent makes can create a huge difference on your relationship with your customers. We will recruit, [...]

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BPO Service Delivery Options

INFINIT-O offers a number of flexible BPO service delivery options because we understand that every business is different and has unique outsourcing service requirements. We provide a complete solution. In addition to recruiting and hiring talented employees based on your specific requirements, we will handle all office requirements including space, furniture, workstation hardware and software, [...]

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We know that your outsourcing decision is partially based on pricing, which is why our pricing models are easy to understand, transparent, competitive, and above all – provides good value for your business. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not publish our business process outsourcing services’ rates because we find it impossible to provide [...]

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