BPO Outsourcing Company

Infinit-O is an outsourcing company based in the Philippines. We provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) solutions. We are built to address the challenges of small and medium-sized companies who want to realize the full benefits of outsourcing.

We provide a wide variety of BPO services including Back Office, Research, Finance and Accounting, Contact Center, IT, and Healthcare Outsourcing Services.

We serve a number of industries, where we have developed deep domain expertise including: Technology, Healthcare, Social Media, Research, Financial Outsourcing Services and other services industries.

Our solutions enable companies to substantially reduce costs to improve margins and conserve cash. We help businesses become more scalable, ramp more efficiently, and get to market faster. We make it possible for our clients to focus their efforts and investments on other priority deliverables. Our flexible approach, dedication to quality, and experienced team make outsourcing easy and predictable.

Incorporated in 2005, our BPO company office is located in Makati, the high tech business center in Metro Manila.

Infinit-O’s New ISO Certifications Announced

Makati City, Philippines (July 3, 2014) – Infinit-O, known for its outstanding global outsourcing services, announces its new certifications for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certifications, as awarded by Certification International Philippines, Inc. Together with its governing entities, Infinit-O successfully completed requirements for the quality and information security certifications. Infinit-O has been ISO-certified since 2006, [...]

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Infinit-O Names Patrick Keegan Chief Operating Officer

Infinit-O, a top-notch global outsourcing company, announced that Senior Vice President Patrick Keegan has been appointed Chief Operating Officer. Effective immediately, Keegan will take responsibility for information technology, human resources, business development and operations. “Infinit-O is having another great year as we are continuing to grow both our current clients and welcoming new clients,” Richard [...]

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Infinit-O Announces Launch of its New Contact Center Outsourcing Subsidiary

Infinit-O, a top-notch quality outsourcing company that serves the global market, announces the launch of Infinit Contact, its new subsidiary which aims to serve businesses seeking help with their customer service needs. Infinit Contact has been established to provide dedicated contact center services including inbound and outbound customer support, back office data management solutions, and [...]

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Infinit-O Announces Launch of a New Subsidiary for Finance and Accounting Services

Infinit Outsourcing, Inc. (Infinit-O), a top provider of quality outsourcing services, has launched another subsidiary, just after launching Infinit Healthcare, to serve the finance and accounting sector. Infinit Accounting has been established to provide specialized finance and accounting services and solutions to almost all business industries in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australian markets. “The [...]

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Infinit-O Launches Infinit Healthcare as its New Subsidiary

Makati City, Philippines (April 11, 2014) – Infinit-O, a leading global provider of top-notch outsourcing services, has launched a new subsidiary to serve the healthcare industry. Infinit Healthcare has been established to provide specialized healthcare services to Payers, Providers, SaaS, and Pharmaceutical Companies. The first quarter of 2014 signifies success for Infinit-O given that there [...]

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Cloud Security and Its Significance with Outsourcing

Since 2010, outsourcing has been slowly transforming and adopting cloud-based computing elements for as much as 10% of their operations. This shift will have a huge impact from infrastructure, operations, training and resources, and most of all, security. Read more.

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