Back Office Support Team

Build a team of Back Office Support powered by technology and automation solutions who can provide administrative assistance so you and your core team can focus on achieving your business goals.

Your Infinit-O Back Office team will ensure non-client facing functions and will take care of every facet of employee management from recruitment, selection, hiring, and training of new employees up to payroll services, employee benefits management, complaints, and overall employee satisfaction to keep your business up and running.

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Teams We Can Build That Perform

Responsible for recruiting the right people for your unique needs. Their A+ recruitment process ensures building a great, high-performing team. 

You can also build a team who are responsible employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training making your in-house employees happy and engaged.

Want a well-maintained business database? This team will handle and update your customer and company information accurately with minimal errors.

Happy employees are well-compensated employees. Allow your payroll services team to calculate and process payment systems ensuring timely payments to your people.

Develop effective sales strategies and fresh marketing concepts through the help of this team. They will scout new leads and convert them into financial opportunities to keep your business growing.

Plans and develops pipeline enhancements. They also troubleshoot pipeline problems to ensure the company’s objectives meet the regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Oversees all financial transactions (e.g. vendor payments, change orders, expense claims, journal entries)  from preparing monthly and quarterly financial reports up to processing reimbursements.


Our outsourcing library has a wide array of resources with the latest news and trends in Back Office Support.

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