We know that your outsourcing decision is partially based on pricing, which is why our pricing models are easy to understand, transparent, competitive, and above all, the basis of good value for your business.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not publish our business process outsourcing services’ rates because we find it impossible to provide an accurate estimate without fully understanding individual client requirements. We encourage you to seek partners who offer transparent pricing so you fully understand the quality of employees, infrastructure, and other support you will be receiving.

Infinit-O’s objective is to create a financially efficient investment package for our clients. Our business is built around developing and growing long term partnerships. We are confident that our customized, value-based pricing is highly competitive and will enable us to deliver on your business requirements.

Our outsourcing costs are transparent and fully itemized so you will always know what you are getting.

Managed Services

Personnel costs include employee salary, benefits, taxes, and other support costs. Personnel overhead costs include office space and equipment. Infinit-O’s margin comprises the rate of Managed Services.

Staff Leasing

Staff leasing is the same as Managed Services, except that the itemized costs for a Team Leader and/or Manager would not be included, as you will provide all supervision.


The pricing of our outsourcing services will include the elements listed under managed Services and will vary depending on the duration, scope, and nature of the work to be done.

Typically, manpower-based projects are priced by a fixed rate per full-time employee. In some cases, pricing will be billed on an hourly basis or unit-based pricing where there is a fixed price per unit.

Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT)

The BOT option is a highly customized scenario. We include this option in our initial services agreement and the details are outlined in a separate purchase agreement that is executed before the transfer.