Sales and Marketing Services

Sales and Marketing are fundamental parts of a company in driving their companies to success. A strong and steady sales and marketing services team is needed to attract more customers for your business and at the same time, increase your company’s return on investment (ROI). You are guaranteed that a significant reduction on your overhead costs will be in place while receiving quality performance from your outsourced marketing dedicated team.

Infinit-O’s capable sales and marketing outsourcing team have been successful in fostering a professional relationship with our clients to understand their business deeper. This way, our business process analysts are able to familiarize themselves with your business, enabling them to solidify their strategies on how to represent your company.

Infinit-O utilizes a five-step solution that will ensure the success of your outsourced marketing and sales process:

Documentation and Standardization

Creating a knowledge database which will be used to define and document the entire process.


The gathering of contact information using a hybrid human-technology approach ensuring the efficiency and preciseness.

Quality Assurance

The implementation of a quality control process to ensure the accuracy of information provided.

Calibration and Training

A continuous training and calibration approach to ensure that the sales and marketing services process is constantly developed and enhanced.


Simulation of the sales support process to strengthen the development of the team, enhancing reliability and preparedness.

Our team of qualified and competent sales support specialists can assist you in all aspects of your pre-sales process.

Infinit-O’s Sales and Marketing services include:

Our expertise, highly skilled and well-experienced professionals, and strong focus on excellence are what your business deserves.

Should you desire more information about our sales and marketing services, call us at (866) 727-2504 x410 or inquire through our contact form.

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