Healthcare Transaction Processing


Transaction processing, which involves claim submission and inbound processing, can be time-consuming because of the number of administrative tasks that must be managed daily.

Infinit-O understands the daily headaches you have to go through to complete processing for each transaction. As a result, we provide transaction processing technology and resources to help you eliminate processing frustrations.


Claims Submission

Charge entry – data entry should be the least of your concerns. However, if not done correctly, data entry errors can ultimately lead to serious operational problems.

At Infinit-O, we ensure accurate data entry so you can be assured you have the correct information every time you deal with a patient.

Claim scrubbing eliminates many issues that result in rejected or returned claims submissions. With an automated service, Infinit-O can validate ICD-9 codes, and perform other validations to ensure prompt processing by the insurance carrier with no delays.

Pre-adjudication helps prevent claims denials and wasted time resubmitting claims. It can help determine which services qualify for payment and how much that payment will be.

Claims submission – utilizing our secure framework, we can submit medical claims billing to insurance companies in any locality through our practice management system. These claims can be submitted either directly or through a clearing house electronically. As an added option, we can also submit paper claims at the request of our clients.

We understand that every claim is important, therefore rejection reports, if any, are corrected and resubmitted to ensure that all information are accurate, while ensuring that submissions are done in a timely manner.

EDI management is an essential component of healthcare claims processing to manage information that is transacted electronically such as claims forms and other paperwork. This ensures the confidentiality of private and sensitive information and receipt of all necessary paperwork.


Inbound Processing

Bank deposits must be made in a timely manner for all insurance payments. Follow-up may be required to ensure accurate posting of all payments. For those companies that pay through electronic funds, payments must be set up once the claim has been verified.

ERA management ensures efficient processing and payment of electronic funds. The Electronic Remittance Advice system guarantees the explanation of payment for every transaction that is received and properly processed.

Revenue allocation function ensures that the funds are allocated to the appropriate department or service.


Transaction processing can be difficult, even for the most established healthcare providers. We here at Infinit-O help ensure your business’ growth and success by collaborating with you on customized solutions that guarantee efficient transaction processing.

For more information about our healthcare transaction processing solutions, call us at (866) 727-2504 x410 or place an inquiry through our contact form.

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