Profit and Loss Management


With stricter regulations, constant pressure and the need for constant accuracy and timeliness, the world of corporate finance is complicated enough as it is without having to go through the time consuming task of Profit and Loss Management, day in and day out.

When you outsource profit and loss management to Infinit-O, an ISO certified company, we can assist you in managing your exposure to the different kinds of risk including credit, market, currency, shape, volatility, liquidity, sector, and inflation risk, by handling the preparation of T+1 Profit and Loss Reports (T+1 PnL), as well as any other necessary accounting reports needed for the operation of a financial or banking institution within the established standards of the financial industry.

Our team of finance and investment associates, experienced in working with top multinational investment banks, will be taking care of these tasks for you, providing you with the information that you require when you need it. We provide you with your daily, weekly and monthly P&L results which are accurate, substantial, and calculated in an environment where the different risk considerations have been clearly outlined, understood and managed to the best of our abilities.

We assist companies in addressing profit and loss management challenges including:

    • Interconnectivity in a global operation by assisting you in gathering your data across products, time zones, and various sources

    • Technological constraints by utilizing solutions compliant with current requirements and best practices

    • Data gathering & management by working with you to form a logical, secure and reliable data model

    • Workforce management by providing you with highly skilled and qualified associates that understand your business

By choosing Infinit-O, your accounting company not only saves on extra time and costs, your company would also have the freedom to focus on core business functions as well as work on different trading strategies to improve your business and create operations aligned around risk based profitability.

For more information about our profit and loss management solutions, call us at (866) 727-2504 x410 or inquire through our contact form.

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