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Voice, Email, Chat Support Solutions

Staying competitive in today’s business world means that every contact you have with a customer, employee, partner or supplier is an opportunity to build upon that relationship. And in today’s competitive world it is increasing important that your customers are able to reach you via multiple channels, any time of the day.

Whether it’s through email, voice, or live web chat, we can assist you in adding value each time these communications occur. An inquiry for information, an account question and even a well-handled complaint can actually become a positive experience in the eyes of the end user and can be an opportunity to create loyalty.

Infinit-O focuses on enhancing the experience by providing consistent service delivery across all contact points 24 x 7. We have the experience spanning virtually all industries and applications.

Infinit-O’s call center services include:

  • Account Maintenance
  • Complaint and Issue Resolution
  • Sales Support
  • Technical Support
  • Product Support
  • Billing and Payment Information
  • Community Support
  • Social monitoring – Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Satisfaction Surveys


Inbound/Outbound Support

Customer Care is an area that is essential to most businesses.

Infinit-O’s suite of outsourced call center services will enable you to augment your customer care expertise, focus on other critical activities and enjoy significant cost savings. Some of our outsourced call center services include:

  • Customer phone support – service calls, sales support, etc.
  • Email support – order updates, product questions, complaints, etc.
  • Helpdesk support – Tier 1 and 2 services, technical support, network support, etc.
  • Live chat – product questions, sales follow-up, etc.

We can support your call center outsourcing requirements 24 x 7.

We are ISO 9001: 2008 Certified and Six Sigma qualified and place a large emphasis on quality and continuous improvement. We are ISO 27001:2005 certified so our clients can be assured that their data in being safeguarded appropriately.

Our call center outsourcing team can turn an account complaint or a question into a positive, well-handled inquiry, with the same level of efficiency as our outbound customer service team is able to give your customers concise updates or follow-ups regarding your product or service.


Claim Processing

Infinit-O helps companies optimize the claims process by providing best in class claims processing solutions designed to address common errors including inaccurate claims assessment, losses due to litigation, non-compliance with industry regulations, and fraud.

We will manage the entire claims cycle from the application stage, validation check, calculations, and administration/follow-up or we can manage certain parts of the process, based on our clients’ needs and preferences.

Our ISO certified processes maintain the security and integrity of the data while our experienced analysts make sure that you receive the information that you require on time.

Our analysts are prepared to assist you with different claims processing services such as:

  • Insurance Claims
  • Medical Claims
  • Accident and Injury Claims
  • Travel and Expense Claims

Our approach to claims processing allows us to offer quicker turnaround times without compromising the quality and security of information, providing you with a high performing claims process that your customers will appreciate.


Billing, Sales, and Product Inquiries

Wouldn’t you want to increase your company’s top-line without breaking your budget?

Infinit-O’s sales support services are the perfect complement to your company’s sales team. Our highly flexible sales support solutions were designed to allow your business to increase your sales conversion and expand your customer base, increasing your company’s profitability while containing costs.

Our team of highly qualified sales support specialists can assist you in all aspects of your pre-sales process:

Infinit-O's Outsourcing Call Center

Our deep domain expertise and strong focus on operational excellence, coupled with our highly skilled and experienced outsourced call center sales support specialists will allow you to focus on your core business while we deliver the pre-sales support that you and your sales team need.


Should you desire more information about our call center outsourcing services, call us at (866) 727-2504 x410 or inquire through our contact form.

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