DATE POSTED: 09/15/2015

Makati City, Philippines (September 15, 2015) – This year, Infinit-O Global, Limited celebrates 10 years of providing high quality business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing solutions to the leading companies throughout Asia Pacific Region, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

What started as a vision of empowering small to medium-sized businesses to be competitive in the global market has grown into a highly specialized organization that consistently delivers world-class, quality-based solutions—significantly exceeding clients’ requirements.

Chairman of Infinit-O, Richard Eldridge said, “On behalf of the people behind Infinit-O, I would like to express my gratitude for a decade of unceasing support and trust to our services. All these wouldn’t have been possible without you, and I can’t thank you enough for helping us reach our goals and put us to where we are now. Here’s to more decades of delivering nothing but the best and building an even better relationship with each and every one of you. Cheers!”

On the other hand, Manolo Aquino, Infinit-O’s President said, “Through my years of experience, I have never been fulfilled in my working life, knowing that we are the top choice when it comes to business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing solutions.Having served some of the top companies across Asia, United States, and the United Kingdom, I am greatly honored to have an excellent team who share the same goals with me, a staff who’ve shared their knowledge and skills to the company, and have ultimately brought out the best in one another. Ten years may have already passed, but I am confident that Infinit-O is here to stay. To Infinit-O!”

Company Growth

Incorporated on September 15, 2005, by two veterans of the outsourcing industry along with the help of five employees, Infinit-O successfully grew each year and now have more than 400 employees at present. They have become a trusted and dependable outsourcing solutions partner with a reputation for delivering high-quality, outstanding service.


Through the years, Infinit-O has demonstrated its commitment to quality by garnering numerous certifications under its belt, including ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management Systems (QMS) Certification, ISO 27001:2005 – Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) Certification, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance, Six Sigma Certification.

As a member of various associations, Infinit-O has taken an active role in promoting and supporting the Philippines in achieving global competitiveness in the BPO industry. With the country’s young, highly literate workforce, Infinit-O has efficaciously leveraged on this wealth of resource and continues to support its growth through non-profit organizations.

Some of the non-profit organizations include the following:

  • Business Process Association Philippines (BPAP), with a thrust to promote the competitive advantages and the growth potential of the Philippines.
  • Healthcare Information Management Outsourcing Association of the Philippines (HIMOAP), which serves to promote the Philippines as the destination of choice for quality Healthcare Information Management Outsourcing services.
  • Philippine Trade Investment Center based in Silicon Valley, with the goal to strengthen business ties between the US and the Philippines.
  • Contact Center Association of the Philippines, with its mission to strengthen the country’s market position in the global arena.

Since its inception, Infinit-O has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2011, the company welcomed its first Australian client and was named as a finalist for the “Most Innovative BPO Company of the Year Award.”


The year 2014 marks a significant milestone for the company, as Infinit-O expanded its capabilities by launching four subsidiaries to provide a more comprehensive lineup of services, namely the Infinit Healthcare, Infinit Finance and Accounting, Infinit Contact, and Infinit Datum.

Infinit Healthcare

Infinit Healthcare was established to provide specialized Healthcare Information Management and Business Process Outsourcing services from medical billing, medical coding, medical IT support, as well as back office tasks to a global clientele specific to healthcare domains including the payers, providers, pharmaceutical, and SaaS companies.

Recognized for several certifications for their quality and security, Infinit Healthcare promises not only to deliver but to go above the most stringent standards set by the industry. They are ISO 9001:2008 Certified, ISO 27001:2005 Certified, and Six Sigma qualified, making them a secure company to hold data in.

Infinit Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting Services subsidiary, Infinit Finance and Accounting specializes in providing various finance and accounting outsourcing services such as transaction processing, financial services, profit and loss management, risk management, mortgage processing, research services, and more.

Considering that the global business landscape is bound to develop, Infinit Finance and Accounting knows just the amount of pressure that companies have to endure. Hence, allowing them to outsource all their accounting and finance-related concerns, and devising strategic yet cost-effective ways on how they can concentrate on accomplishing their goals.

Infinit Contact

The Contact Center Outsourcing subsidiary, Infinit Contact focuses in providing cost-efficient contact center outsourcing services including inbound and outbound customer support, back office data management solutions, and social media services, among others to a global clientele with the aim of leading the competition.

Since customer service is an important aspect of any business, Infinit Contact assures that their clients receive the best one through their competitive and highly skilled team of call center agents.

Infinit Datum

Infinit-O’s Data and Research Outsourcing Services, Infinit Datum is committed to offer data and research outsourcing solutions to businesses in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, including services such as digital research, market research, data management, and social media analytics.

Infinit Datum promises the highest level of assistance to their clients through their feasibility, enthusiasm, and use of various ROI tools—all of which are tailored to fit client’s requirements. They contribute to the decision-making processes of business owners, helping them to achieve their goals, triumph in the industry they’re in, and focus on other important business matters.

About Infinit-O Global, Limited

Infinit-O is an outsourcing company that provides BPO and KPO solutions to various global clients. Based in the Philippines, their BPO services include Back Office, Research, Finance and Accounting, Contact Center, IT, and Healthcare Outsourcing Services.

They offer flexible delivery options, each of which is built on a foundation of quality and continuous improvement. Infinit-O specializes in addressing the challenges of small and medium-sized companies who want to realize the full benefits of outsourcing.

Richard Eldridge heads its leadership team as Chairperson, Manolo Aquino as President, and Patrick Keegan as Chief Operating Officer.

Company Culture

Infinit-O’s company culture is highly influenced by the Filipino trait of “malasakit,” translated as care or concern for others.  Everyone is treated as part of a family, making each employee feel highly appreciated and valued for all their hard work and dedication to their jobs and the company. This distinct characteristic extends to every transaction, project, and partnership they encounter.

Author: Infinit-O Global, Ltd.