How Do I Get Started?

On-Board Process

We take pride in making it easy for our clients to outsource work functions. Our goal is to make the process transparent, predictable, and results focused. Below is an outline of our typical on-boarding process:


Infinit-O's On-Board Process

1. Requirements Analysis

We will work with you to identify your operational requirements and how we will support you in terms of human resources, processes, systems and other support assets. We will discuss the best delivery model for your needs and how our offshore outsourcing pricing would be applied. We will execute a standard Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement so that we may disclose confidential information required for the engagement.

2. Proposal

We will provide a proposal that includes a summary of your business requirements and objectives, our proposed global outsourcing solution/delivery details, transparent pricing, and terms and conditions.

3. Service Agreement and Annex

After discussing the proposal and making any necessary adjustments, we will provide our standard Service Agreement and Annex. The Services Agreement defines the terms of our services. The Annex is a statement of work that describes the work to be done, manpower and other resource requirements, service levels and pricing.

4. Project Initiation and Go Live

While each project is unique, our delivery approach is consistent. During this phase we will work with you to produce a detailed offshore outsourcing implementation plan, recruit and hire necessary manpower, acquire other support assets, test communications and systems, and train the staff on processes, products, systems, service expectations and other requirements. We will test and certify employees are ready to meet the requirements of their position and then work will commence.

5. Governance and Operations Management

Our proposal and subsequent discussions will clarify how we will communicate and administer workflows during the life of our engagement. Governance requirements are typically a function of the complexity of the work being performed, the stability of the processes and your level of need for feedback and control. It is typical for us to have brief daily operations calls, weekly and monthly performance reviews and quarterly strategic discussions. We will also engage our Six Sigma certified quality team, when required, to work with you and your Philippine delivery team to optimize your processes. This is to ensure that we deliver top-notch global outsourcing service you are expecting from us.

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