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As the world has changed, so have we. Our vision is to help small and medium sized companies to achieve their business goals through our supreme outsourcing support and enabling them to experience the full benefits of a great partnership.

We build great Healthcare, Finance and Accounting, Technology, Research & Data, and Customer Experience teams anywhere in the world that can provide 24 x 7 x 365 support  with these service delivery options:

  • Work from Home (WFH)
  • Work from Anywhere (WFA)

With a well defined and established set of pillars:  People, Process, Technology and Security, we have manufactured an effective work from home solution – customized workspaces suitable for remote work, 24/7 global IT support, cybersecurity insurance coverage, globally recognized security certification, adherence to privacy laws all the while ensuring hitting Key Performance Indicators (Quantity, Quality and  Quality Monitoring & Management) and guaranteeing a great partnership.

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Pillars of Success

Learn how Infinit-O delights clients through building a great team of domain experts.

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Teams we Build

Teams built from the best resources cast from all over the globe

Infinit-O aims to create long lasting partnerships and endless opportunities for our client’s business to grow by building a great team of experts that responds to their unique needs. The A+ teams we’re building have undergone a comprehensive recruitment process to identify the best people for our clients with the right mix of technical skills and up to date training. We have access to world-class talent for us to scout the right people suited to perform quality and productive work to help you achieve your business goals.

Infinit-O Security Control

Office vs Remote Set-up

Fortifying our security system through the cybersecurity insurance coverage, IT and data security, established information security, breach reporting process, incident handling process and being ISO-certified, HIPAA-compliant and GDPR- & DPA2012-compliant allows us to safeguard our clients’ information safely with us. We believe that these security efforts are not only for data protection but also giving our clients peace of mind.

Our salient technologic setup such as customized workspaces, advance dialer system, call monitoring and recording and 24/7 IT global remote support access adds another layer of security for clients. Tools proficiency for different services is also on top of our technological advancement. We support clients with the different softwares and applications for their business  and other essential hardware support to ensure their internal processes are smoothly covered.

Our Crisis Response

Crisis management and mitigation response

Crisis management and mitigation response from controllable and uncontrollable phenomena has always been part of our annual action plan. We aim to be equipped and ready to operate should a crisis arise because one of our ultimate goals is to maintain business continuity and making sure that our team members are safe and well taken care of. An effective crisis management is making plans before a crisis happens. Through this, we can respond with a proactive approach that will serve our clients and team members best.

We value not only the business we are supporting but also helping our clients move forward regardless of whatever situation yet securing the welfare of our people. Our motto is #SamasamaTayoSaInfinitO which means sticking together through smooth and rough roads. We build not only a business but partnership and a safe working community.

Key Benefits

A partnership with Infinit-O will aid you in building a great team of domain experts from all over the world responding to your company’s unique needs, having a well-build and fortified information security process but also create long lasting partnerships and endless opportunities with these key benefits:

Infinit-O Anywhere Key Benefits

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We understand your needs and want to help you actualize your potential by providing ease of access to talent and building you a great team based on your business requirements.


Our vision is to help small and medium sized companies to grow and prosper by enabling them to experience the full benefits of partnering with an outsourcing company.

Our goal is to create long lasting partnerships with our clients; rendering a strong combination of business consultancy, process optimization, and outsourced services; all utilizing the latest technology to provide excellent value for our clients.

By building a great team of domain experts from all over the world with an outsourcing partner that understands your unique business needs, you can achieve the goals and vision you have for your company.

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