Client: Broadcasting Company

Industry: Entertainment

Location: Hong Kong



A broadcasting company based in Hong Kong was looking for a flexible team to help them in their customer experience endeavors to improve email and chat queries, as well as social media customer service. 



 Because they had a new streaming app, they had challenges in reaching out to their customers who have reviewed the app in Google Play and Apple Store. They could not also keep up with the number of queries and complaints on their social media channels.

Why Infinit-O?

Infinit-O’s expertise lies in building great teams that are centered on extreme client focus and metrics-intensive results. Our customer experience clients start with a small team and can grow from there in order to meet their unique needs. Each chat support specialist has high domain experience, using reliable technology infrastructure while complying with GDPR regulations. These qualities enable Infinit-O to solve issues a growing or expanding business may encounter throughout their journey.

Our Customized, Quality Solutions

Infinit-O built a flexible and highly-trained CX team made of email and chat and technical support representatives to quickly and efficiently answer chats and review comments on Google Play and the App Store. Infinit-O was able to maintain an average first reply time of fewer than 15 minutes and 90% email and chat support quality and productivity. Because of these customized solutions, the broadcasting company was able to experience successful company growth and an increase in revenue.

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Streaming Growth and Customer Satisfaction with a Broadcasting Company's Success Story

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