Client: Threat Intelligence Company

Industry: Cybersecurity

Location: Massachusetts, USA



A technology company that equips security teams with threat intelligence powered by machine learning was on the road to company growth. They needed a team to handle technical back-office tasks while maintaining top-quality operations.



In their expansion process, they were experiencing a number of challenges such as scaling, cost containment, and growth. They began looking for a lean and flexible team for product and technology support for cybersecurity and technical support tasks.

Why Infinit-O?

Infinit-O’s expertise lies in building great teams that are centered on extreme client focus and metrics-intensive results. Our research, data, and back office clients start with a small team and grow from there in order to meet their unique needs. Each data expert has high domain experience, using reliable and secure technology infrastructure while complying with GDPR regulations. These qualities enable Infinit-O to solve issues an expanding business may encounter, especially in cybersecurity, IT development, and tech support.

Our Customized, Quality Solutions

Infinit-O built a highly-specialized team made of cybersecurity, research, tech support and IT analysts and operations engineers to cover a wide range of tasks such as data cleanup, cybersecurity, data scraping, IT development, technical support, network operations, and tools development. With this dedicated RnD team, the company has experienced company growth and made more than ten times return for its investors when it was eventually acquired.

This led to high client satisfaction, and eventually, their team at Infinit-O grew 19 times its original size, supporting 7 mission-critical functions.

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