Client: Home Healthcare & Hospice Company

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Virginia, USA




A family-owned and operated home healthcare and hospice is dedicated to helping their patients improve their quality of life while lowering operational costs as they began expanding. 




The primary problems they were experiencing were high operational costs and great difficulty finding qualified employees in their high-priced job market. They had wanted to outsource previously but had hesitations due to the belief that outsourcing was limited to large enterprises and corporations.


Why Infinit-O?


Infinit-O’s expertise lies in building great teams that are centered on extreme client-focus and metrics-intensive results. Our healthcare clients can start with a small team, and can grow from there in order to meet their unique needs. Each healthcare specialist, with deep domain knowledge in revenue cycle management, using reliable technology infrastructure while complying with HIPAA and GDPR regulations. These qualities enable Infinit-O to solve issues in claims processing, medical billing, and quality assurance.


Our Customized, Quality Solutions


Infinit-O was able to provide the healthcare company with a team of RCM experts like Medical Billers, QA Clinicians, Managed Care Coordinators, and other healthcare specialists. With their comprehensive knowledge of medical coding, billing and administrative back-office tasks such as data entry and admission coordination, they have helped the company’s revenue grow at an average of 10% annually while reducing their expenses by 1% on average. This led to client satisfaction and gained trust, and eventually, their team at Infinit-O had grown from ten times its original size, performing at least 12 functions across four departments in the company, including some vital RCM processes central to its core business.


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