Infinit-O - Telehealth Icon for Case Studies

Industry: Healthcare

Teams Built: Implementation Specialists, RCM experts and Account Managers

Despite the crisis, telehealth companies increased their patient satisfaction ratings through Infinit-O’s support. How? Because they were able to focus on what they do best—providing the healthcare needs of their patients digitally.

Infinit-O - Security icon for Case Studies

Industry: Cybersecurity

Teams Built: Systems / Cloud Administrators, IT Team and more.

A cybersecurity company has been ramping up to adhere to the demand of digital security but is facing a limited talent pool of cybersecurity specialists that can respond to the spiraling needs. Despite that, the company was able to scale up with the help of Infinit-O.

Infinit-O - Cloud Services icon for Case Studies

Industry: Technology

Teams Built: System Administrators and AWS & Azure DevOps Engineers.

A cloud management company offering cloud hosting, cloud services and security services is looking for a partner that can help them grow yet save on operational costs. Their partnership with Infinit-O resulted in a quick expansion of cloud management team built just within 45 days with 70% savings on operational cost.

Featured Case Study

Industry: EdTech

Team Built: Technical Customer Service

An education technology company is facing significant growth in terms of providing virtual classroom services. To pair up with this expanding need, they wanted to extend their operations outside Canada to ensure business continuity and scale their technical customer service team to guarantee that their clients are well-taken care of and any customer and technical-related concerns are addressed.

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