Our Technology


Infinit-O invests wisely in a technology infrastructure that employs proven open standards to bolster a highly cost-efficient, yet reliable, flexible, and secure framework, making sure that we provide quality outsourcing solutions to our clients.

Our technology spend per analyst is approximately 60% of the industry average. We re-invest our technology savings in providing superior compensation and benefits to our people, and additional security measures to ensure all client information is kept secure and confidential at all times.


For analyst workstations, we use cost-efficient but reliable desktops, with short maintenance turnarounds and low maintenance costs, which are easily upgradeable. Our desktops are of standard specifications and are free of unnecessary peripherals, such as disk drives and multi-media speakers.

We also provide analysts with the necessary tools in line with providing clients with exceptional service, such as state-of-the-art communications equipment for voice accounts.


Infinit-O utilizes cost-effective, easily maintainable software resulting to superior performance of application systems, including Windows 7 Operating Systems, Internet Explorer 8, and Google Chrome.

Clients are not asked to change, upgrade systems, or invest in document management solutions in order to implement outsourcing solutions. We leverage their investment in their technology by creating an environment where our offshore teams are able to access their applications and their stored data, without disrupting their system. When clients upgrade systems, we collaborate with outside vendors on partnerships to design, test, and implement new applications.


Infinit-O has set in place a highly secure network that is efficient, functional, but ultimately simple, where clients are supported by a sub-network with separate data switches, router/firewalls, and internet connections. Last mile connection carriers also vary, achieving total redundancy with no single point of failure.

Networks are tested and maintained rigorously in order to ensure reliability at all times.

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