Our People


All of our clients deserve the best people providing outsourcing solutions to their company. This is why our primary objective is to be able to provide our clients with highly qualified, reliable, and motivated teams who can deliver maximum productivity with quality results.

All new employees undergo a five stage selection process which may be customized based on client requirements to include specific tests, if required, to calibrate the candidates’ skills, knowledge and attitude. Special emphasis is placed on English skills, both written and spoken.

We support foreign language BPO services typically in connection with our outsourcing solutions such as research, customer service, and back office; thus supporting our clients’ efforts to move into new global markets.


Our number one business philosophy is to invest in superior compensation and benefits to attract stellar performers who can help us achieve optimum business results.

Our senior management team is composed of business process outsourcing company professionals with more than 40 years of BPO and call center operational experience. Their combined expertise has equipped us with the in-depth skills needed in the recruitment of exceptional individuals who will comprise our operating teams.


In addition to project-specific discipline sessions, Infinit-O provides extensive foundation training to all team members upon joining, and on an on-going basis. This is done in order to maintain, upgrade and update the skill sets of all our team members to adapt with changing technologies and evolving processes.

These skills include the Four CS’s: Core SkillsComputer SkillsCustomer Service, and Communications Skills which we have identified as critical to the success of all our assignments.

Performance Management

As a world-class business process outsourcing company, we implement a Performance Management System (PMS) that aligns all team members with each of our client’s objectives. Our PMS program is comprised of weekly, monthly and semi-annual planning and review sessions completed jointly between the team members and their immediate superiors, as well as continuous performance tracking on a day to day basis. Assessment is comprised of Key Result AreasKey Performance IndicatorsTargetsCore Competencies, and Functional Competencies.

Values Alignment

Infinit-O provides soft skills training to our staff to ensure that our business vision and values conform to a high code of moral standards and business ethics.

Our unique Infinit-O Value System™ acts as a critical mechanism to reinforce our strategic goals and values throughout the organization on a day-to-day basis, enabling all our team members to “live the values” of IntegrityDependability, Creativity, and Teamwork.

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