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Infinit-O is a BPO company that provides clients with a strong combination of business consultancy, process optimization and the latest operational techniques and technology to ensure our clients derive the maximum performance from their back office functions.

The following management bios outline the key personnel who will oversee the delivery of our clients needs:



Richard is a fast-track, highly motivated, team and results oriented executive with a successful background in turnaround situations in the consulting, IT, and BPO industries accumulating more than nine years experience across 18 industries, 17 business functions in eight countries. He is recognized for his exceptional ability in delivering business results and effectively motivating others at all levels in the achievement of individual and organizational goals for companies, such as IBM, HP, Coca Cola, and Shell Exploration UK.

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Manolo is recognized as one of the top executives in the Philippine financial sector, garnering 30 years experience with multinational companies and BPO industries. He served as Executive Vice President of Philippine Airlines, General Manager – Treasury of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation, and President of Summersault, Inc.

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Chief Operating Officer

Pat is a highly accomplished executive with extensive expertise in operational responsibilities across multiple functions and technologies. He has led large, mature organizations and has planned, launched and managed emerging Silicon Valley start ups. Pat is a decisive leader recognized for consistently delivering bottom line results beyond expectations. Pat has extensive experience and success with global outsourcing. Key areas of expertise include, professional services management, customer service management, process/quality management, corporate strategy, global outsourcing and building sustainable high performance teams.

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VP, Shared Services – Finance and Accounting

A Certified Public Accountant with 10 years of experience under his belt, Irwin has a keen eye for numbers and administrative details. He built an extensive career in operational finance and accounting, working with various BPO companies in the online gaming, real estate, and IT sectors. His exposure to the outsourcing industry makes him the perfect fit for Infinit-O. Before joining the company, Irwin was in charge of overall finance for a BPO firm offering publishing solutions to writers in the US.

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 Vien Lariosa VIEN LARIOSA
VP, Shared Services – Human Resources

Vien has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources practice spanning across different industries which include Business Process Outsourcing, Food and Restaurant Service, as well as Insurance. From the start of her career with HR in 1993, she has gone on to hold key positions that complement her hands-on management style and allows her to constantly involve herself in the areas of Manpower Planning & Development, Employee Engagement, Compensation and Benefits as well  as Talent Management and Organizational Development. A passionate work-life balance proponent, Vien ensures strategic partnership of the Human Resource practice in the organization by locking in on the major directions while continuously looking after the welfare of the most important resource of the organization – its talents.

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Alfred-Kasten-Meneses ALFRED “BIXIE” MENESES
VP, Client Solutions Group – Customer Care and Healthcare Services

With 16 years of experience in Customer Relations in the fields of BPO, Call Center operations, Fulfillment Operations, Sales and Management, Bixie has acquired comfort and superior skill-set in operations management, back-office support group delivery management and start-up projects. He achieved numerous successes in spearheading tasks and projects that involved budget and financial management. He is very comfortable in managing change and process improvements within and across organisations. Bixie is an expert in mentoring and leading teams in achieving goals and objectives. He had experiences setting up BPO centers in the Philippines and abroad during his years of expatriate experience as Customer Service and Fulfilment Operations Head for a Top Philippine TV network for their Middle East operations.

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VP, Client Solutions Group – Financial Services

Richard has more than 11 years experience within the Banking, Financial services and Insurance (BFSI) industry. His financial and operational management undertakings within the industry, having served previously as an Associate with Deutsche Bank, strengthen the position of Infinit-O to provide exceptional Financial Services solutions. Prior to joining the company, he was a Lead Accountant in a major oil player in the Philippines.

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VP, Client Solutions Group – Data & Research and Financial Services

Gerard has over 13 years experience in the BPO and contact center industry with comprehensive exposure to operations, partner, financial,project, performance, people and process management. He has started and led pilot accounts from large organizations in the BPO and Banking industry ranging from telecom, travel, technology and finance. Prior to joining Infinit-O Gerard implemented and executed the growth of the mortgage banking originations process of one of the top Banks in the US and led the team from service delivery to business excellence in his tenure.

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